La crisis masculina
Maduración de niño a adulto

Bienvenido al confrontamiento de la crisis masculina     Welcome to the masculine crisis confrontation     Bienvenue au confrontement de la crise masculine


La crisis masculina
Maduración de niño a adulto

The masculine crisis
Maturity from child to man

La crise masculine
Maturatión d'enfant à adult


The goal of this web page is to show the experience of my masculine crisis; the beginning in the identity reseach.

I felt trapped, too much reponsabilities for few of gratitude.

Couple problems: demands of higher quality in the relationship, comprehension of problems, economical support mainly by me. Both of us were waiting for a change in the other to satisfy our self needs.

Labor problems: higher quality in my projects, more competition because of unemployment. Less guarranties because of the globalisation. 

Social problems: higher consumption, more time lost, pay of interests, pay of the mode not the quality of the product.

When a man is not able to solve all this problems he passes through a period of crisis.

The crisis may be originated by a "big problem". A break up, the lost of a job, a seizure. The amplitude of the problem is unimportant, its only characteristic is that we can not solve it..

Beginning of the change: to look into ourselves

Proposal: leave the couple, the job and the society apart; to look into ourselves.

The activities that helps to look inside are: 

torso de hombre encontrado en Mileto, Museo de LouvreBuilding the masculine identity

The care of our body

The comprenhension of our behaviors, emotions and reactions

The comprehension of our origines

Passing by the aceptation and forgiveness process

Detaching our destructive behaviors

Writing a list of individual needs


The benefits of looking inside : 

1 In the couple one gives only the half because our parthner will give the rest.We respect our parthner watching her with equality.

2 Chossing a confortable job will let us satisfy our economical needs without lossing the proffesional interest.

3 Limiting our social activities to the pleasent ones. Investing in what we really like is cheaper in money and time.


The duration of the crisis is incalculable. we can talk of the very beginning, the moment of the hard change. In my case that should be three months. After that a period of reafirmation of our new role and identity starts. Moments of sadness for what we not longer can be, happiness for the new expectations.

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Image: Torse of man found in Mileto, 500 BC, Louvre museum